Everyone Tells Me I Have Nice Brows—This Is the Secret Product I’ve Never Leaked

One thing I always get complimented on is my eyebrows. I don’t mean to brag, but I know I have good brows—I’ve carefully sculpted them over the years to achieve fluffy, up with minimal effort. Before you know it, everyone you know will be asking you what your secret is to fantastic eyebrows. From pens and pencils to powders and pomades, here are the best brow fillers money can buy.

It’s no surprise that you’ll see plenty of Anastasia Beverly Hills products on this list, because if one thing’s for sure, ABH knows brows. This definer comes with a spoolie brush on the end to help give you the most natural look. 

The little teeth create a microbladed look. 

The way this brow pencil is angled helps you re-create the illusion of real hair. 

This brow pen is able to create either thin or thick lines, so you can tailor it to your brow preferences.

Small but mighty, this pen helps fill in sparse areas in your brow or create the perfect shape.

This innovative filler comes with a highlighter so that you can highlight your brow bone.

This pencil is a heavy-hitter—it basically combines the benefits of powder, pencil, and wax. 

Get super-precise lines with this ultra-thin pen.

This innovative filler comes in just one color and is designed to work for everyone. For black or brown hair, press down hard, and for lighter hair, use a lighter touch.

With a spoolie brush, a precision-tip pencil, and a brow highlighter, this brow filler has everything you could ever need.

This dual-packed pressed powder is perfect for acheiving an ombré effect.

Flick this pen onto your brows for natural-looking sculpting.

This pencil essentially mimicks your brow hair. 

This brow pencil lasts all day long, regardless of heat or humidity. It also looks so natural.

For brows that will outlast anything you throw at them, this is the product for you. 

Beauty editors swear by this product, and once you try it, it won’t be hard to see why. This creamy pomade blends seamlessly, looks natural, and has major staying power.  

For $6, this cream is such a steal—it feels luxe and versatile.

If you’ve ever envied Rihanna’s perfect brows, this product is for you.  Next: 12 Super-Effective Curling Mascaras If Your Lashes Are Stick Straight