I’m in a Relationship With Wide-Leg Pants—Skinny Jeans Are the Collateral Damage

I’m just going to come right out and say it: skinny jeans are officially canceled from my closet. Sorry if that sounds a little dramatic, but let me explain. No matter how you feel about the classic denim, there’s no denying that looser trouser shapes are the reigning silhouette as far as jeans and pants go and my own closet is proof of this.

I recently did a massive closet cleanout and in the process realized that nearly all the pants and jeans I ditched were skinny and snug fits. I owned multiple pairs at one point but have since found myself drawn more and more to relaxed pant silhouettes, and the fashion world is in complete agreement. There’s something undeniably cool about voluminous, wide-leg pants and, not to mention, they make more sense than ever this year seeing as comfort has become our top priority when getting dressed. The relaxed but still polished trousers may just be the answer avoiding another sweatpants slump.

I have a strong feeling that once you see just how chic the fashion world is making wide-leg pants look, you’re going to agree with me here, so scroll on to fill up on styling ideas and shop my favorite pairs.

Style Tip: For fall, layer on a trench coat and drape a sweater over your shoulders.

Style Tip: Balance out the loose-fitting pants with a little crop top for a very on-trend look.

Style Tip: Create a relaxed casual vibe when you pair a layered sweater and collared shirt with wide-leg trousers and flats.

Style Tip: Fashion girls are all about giving their suits a modern feel by dressing them down with tees and sneakers.

Style Tip: Skip the tailor and let your trousers pool around your ankles for a look that feels very right now.

Style Tip: A crisp white tee is a perfect way to wear a pair of bright trousers.

Style Tip: Create a timeless look when you lean into wardrobe basics like a button-down shirt and simple sneakers.

Style Tip: A delicate blouse is a great way to make these relaxed pants look a bit more elevated.

Style Tip: Fashion girls’ go-to way to wear the pants right now? With a cropped cardigan.

Style Tip: Try something fitted up top and sleek for the shoes to offset the wide-leg fit of the pants.

Style Tip: Throwing on a big blazer is always a good idea. 

Style Tip: Retro sneakers are a great way to transition the trousers into the weekend.

Style Tip: Or if you want to dress them up, I suggest this chic look involving a cutout top and square-toe heels.

Style Tip: Another current trend that just so happens to look great with wide-leg pants? Bustier tops.

Style Tip: Tuck a chunky knit sweater (or sweater-vest) into high-waisted pants when the weather starts to cool off.

Up next: “The Holy Grail of Comfy Pants” and 21 Other Chic Sweatpants I Found For You.

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