Need Supply’s Entire Site Is 25% Off—Here Are the 28 Most Comforting Pieces

Everyone finds comfort in different things. For some, that means hot tea and pastries, while others are all about sweatpants and slippers. (Or maybe all of the above.) While the world is facing stressful, tumultuous times during this pandemic, it never hurts to have some comforting items that might provide just a hint of relief or distraction. While nothing is as valuable as support from family, friends, and pets, who are we to blame those who seek comfort in a few thoughtfully chosen purchases as well? (Speaking from experience over here: My day was basically made when my new sweatpants arrived in the mail.) 

To that end, I’ve rounded up all the cozy, comfy things that are currently on sale at Need Supply. The retailer is offering 25% off sitewide right now, and you know we can never pass up a good deal. Scroll down to shop my favorite sale picks that are the clothing and accessory equivalents of a big ol’ hug. 

You had me at Chill Out. This candle is a “sweet, woody scent” with notes of lavender, palo santo, sage, and smoke.

Personally, slip-ons are the only thing I want to wear right now. 

Treat yourself to extra-moisturizing body cream. 

Comfortable and practical—what more could you ask for? 

For pretending you’re at the beach, even if you’re at home. 

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