This Genius Face Mask Is Also a Trendy Top—Any Questions?

If anyone reads this 10 years from now they’re going to be very confused by this statement, but you can now buy a mask that doubles as a napkin top. (Simply put, napkin tops are the latest revealing top trend consisting of a piece of fabric and thin straps that tie at the back.) If you scroll through your Instagram feed, you’ll probably come across a few. So what does this have to do with face masks, you ask?

For starters, let me introduce you to NYC-based brand KES, which is my secret source for beautiful, sustainable, high-quality silk and cotton masks. The brand just released the latest addition to its mask collection, which is a bandana-style face covering that doubles as the aforementioned napkin-style top. It’s adjustable, made of two layers of 100% silk, and is one size (suitable for a size B/C cup). They coined it The Future mask, in reference to it still having a use when wearing masks day-to-day is no longer essential. It’s hard to resist a good two-in-one situation. 

Keep scrolling to shop the mask-top hybrid, along with some of my other favorite KES masks. (Warning: It’s very hard to choose).

You can tie the sashes together or leave them undone for an even more dramatic look.

This is the one you’ll probably wear the most.

I’ve already decided that these are going to be my fall masks.

It’s almost too pretty to wear (but you definitely should).

I love this color palette so much.

Looking at this actually makes me look forward to wearing a mask.

If I were having a courthouse wedding this year, I’d order this set.

Worth the splurge, if you ask me.

Next up: Angelina Jolie wore the designer mask that was an It item even pre-pandemic.