13 Reasons January Jones Looks Half Her Age

We’re not sure exactly when it was that we first became fans of January Jones. Was it her most iconic role to date as Betty Draper? Or smaller “Oh my god, it’s January Jones!” roles in classic films like Love Actually circa 2003? Either way, we have major love for the actress’s quirky real-life demeanor and, of course, amazing style and beauty aesthetic. (We have dozens of screenshots on our camera rolls to prove it.) Between her practically pore-less complexion, playful approach to makeup, and super-shiny strands, we desperately want to know all her beauty secrets, especially considering she looks roughly half her 41 years.

We’re super appreciative that we’re not alone in our admiration, and Jones regularly listens to her fans’ Instagram requests by posting ample intel about her beauty routine—from the supplements she swears by to the extensive skincare rituals she credits her glowing skin to. We did some major digging (the kind of digging that takes us from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.) to compile a 13-point list featuring all of Jones’s best beauty tips, secrets, and favorite products. Keep scrolling! Ahead, 13 reasons January Jones looks half her age. 

Take a scroll through Jones’s Instagram, and you’ll immediately notice the actress has a flair for a pretty punch of pink makeup—be it on her eyes or lips. The juicy hue brightens her complexion and definitely supports her youthful glow. We’re not sure of the exact product ID here, but the latest Norvina launch from Anastasia Beverly Hills is the only palette people can talk about at the moment. 

Jones knows that SPF is only one part of the equation for ample sun protection. She’s always decked out in sun-shielding hats and sunglasses.

According to Jones, she’s always changing her mind regarding her cut and length, which not only keeps her look fresh but keeps her strands healthy and bouncy thanks to the regular trims. Plus, the A-list and beauty editors alike are obsessed with this cult-loved cream from Virtue Labs. The smell is intoxicating, and it’s an amazing fix for rough ends in between your salon appointments. 

After perusing her Instagram, we noticed she stays loyal to her skincare treatment plan and regularly visits Jason Diamond, MD, in Beverly Hills for non-surgical Diamond InstaFacials, which entail lasering, injections of platelet-rich plasma (from the patient), micro-needling, and a soothing mask to finish. 

“I just recently tried the PRP blood facial or ‘vampire facial’ by @drjasondiamond and am starting to see the results of that, it was fascinating, I’m trying to decide if it was worth the $$. I’ll let you know,” she explains in this post.

After noting she’d been sick and stressed (and healing with the help of a really great bubble bath—a theme we consistently notice on her IG), Jones touched on her gratitude and thankfulness. We’re pretty sure that kind of recognition is just as important to aging gracefully as a decadent bath bomb or bath elixir.  (BTW—we know the actress is a big fan of beauty haven Violet Grey, and the above is our favorite bath accessory from the retailer.)

We see Jones decked out in white face masks more than we do her chic swimsuits. Here’s a few we’ve spotted in her bathroom cabinets in addition to the ones she says are her current favorites (including the infamous Hanacure All-in-One Facial, $29).

“These are my current favorite masks for exfoliating and moisture,” she explains in an Instagram caption. “These change all the time depending on what my skin is needing,(factoring in weather, travel and stress).”

We love how playful Jones is when it comes to her style, and we frequently see her grid stamped with sweet barrettes, vibrant headbands, and other fun accessories we want to try ASAP.

“This is me using the @deessepro mask, I try to use it 20min/day, results are immediate,” she explains. She also shares that she holds her beauty and skincare routine really sacred and that even though her routine isn’t for the faint of heart, it’s something she really loves to do. “It’s my favorite self-care indulgence, and I find it very meditative to do masks, and I am always trying new products.”

“My face washes and a gentle exfoliator—I only wash my face at night, in the morning I splash water or spray rose water so I don’t lose the previous night’s moisture,” she shares in her IG post here. 

“These are all my fav serums which I rotate,” says Jones. “Some for a.m. some for p.m., but I use all of them daily.”

“These are the retinols from Shani Darden for every skin type (unless pregnant or nursing), Texture Reform is a tad lighter and can be used every night, I use the Retinol Reform every other night,” she explains. 

“My face oils and balms are reserved for before bedtime only, after the Active Serum or Retinol,” Jones adds.

“I stopped using lotions and instead dry brush my skin before I bathe and then use oil-based scrubs in the shower or an oil afterward,” she explains.

We love the actress’s approach to #balance. Here, she shares her dedication to glow- and health-boosting supplements like probiotics, enzymes, collagen, vitamin C, and Sakara’s Beauty and Detox Water Drops, but she’s also transparent about the joy of pairing burgers with Pilates. 

This post was published at an earlier date and has since been updated.

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