Does This Micro-Trend Make Your Jaw Drop, or Are You Normal?

If you’re as obsessed with TikTok as I am, the title of this story makes complete sense to you. For those of you who aren’t as addicted to the app, I’m basically putting myself in a box by admitting that already knowing about this very niche micro-trend would, in fact, make you not normal and a little too addicted to fashion—like myself. The good news is, however, that I am here today to educate you on the new fall fashion trend that has had me beside myself ever since I discovered it. I’m calling this trend “negative space” because it looks as if there is a missing piece to a puzzle or a large chunk cut out of the garments, resulting in a sort of negative-space effect. 

This trend is really all in the detail. This puzzle-like feature is mostly spotted on the necklines of everything from knitwear to dresses and has mainly surfaced in black hues. As I said, this trend is niche. Designers such as Mugler, Khaite, and Saint Laurent have some of the most recognizable pieces so far, but I’ve been excited to spot smaller contemporary brands such as Recto and God Save Queens coming out with iterations that are just as strong. 

Ahead, you will get to see this new fall trend in action on Instagram, on the runway, and in the market. From fancy party dresses to functional knitwear, this “negative space” trend is something to keep an eye out for as we press on into fall. Oh, and good luck keeping your jaw from dropping—this trend is truly stunning. You’ll see. 

Although there have been significantly fewer reasons to get dressed up this year, fashion girls are still finding every opportunity to show off this “negative space” trend on Instagram. Be it a vacation picture or an at-home mirror selfie, it is clear via the abundance of content that this unique detail is officially on the rise. 

This trend was birthed on the fall/winter 2020 runways thanks to designers such as LaQuan Smith, Mugler, Victoria Beckham, and more. The puzzle-like detail was hard to miss when combing through some of this season’s biggest trends, and we’re excited to see it finally come to life on social media and in the market.

The “negative space” trend has taken on many forms so far in the market from dresses to knitwear. Whether you’re shopping for a fancy dress or a sweater that will make your fall wardrobe feel fresh, this new micro-trend is a great place to start your search, whatever it may be. 

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