I Found Cheap Versions of This Season’s Biggest Bikini Trends—Thank Me Later

Each day we’re inching closer and closer to beach weather, so you know what that means: Yep, bikini-shopping galore. Even on the West Coast (where it’s usually already hot enough to confidently stroll out in shorts), we are going through a weird, mid-spring cold front this week. But that hasn’t stopped me from obsessively shopping for new bikinis (it’s the new Angeleno in me). It feels a bit contradictory that a tiny piece of fabric can cost so much, but I’m sure you’ve already noticed that bikinis can be expensive. A non-designer bikini can even set you back $200 and up (especially if you buy the top and bottom separately). But as much as I love a Hot Girl Summer, I prefer to keep it affordably hot. In the interest of everyone’s pockets, I’ve gathered all of the best cheap swimsuits, featuring a few of the summer’s biggest bikini trends. Whether you like your suits with ample coverage or you want to embrace the tiniest of tiny, there’s an affordable bikini for you. Most of them are under $100 too. 

Shop the matching Terry Triangle Top ($27).

Shop the matching Floral Georgia High Waisted Bikini Bottom ($25).

Shop the matching The Square-Neck Bikini Top ($45).

Shop the matching Floral Bikini Bottom ($30).

Shop the matching High Cut Cheeky Bikini Bottom ($30).

Lurex bikinis have been floating around on the fashion front for years, and they’re seemingly not going away anytime soon. If you’re looking to glow in your suit, you can’t shine much brighter than when in one of these. Consider it highlighter you can actually wear without getting messy after a swim.

Shop the matching Sparkle Better Bikini Bottoms ($49).

Shop the matching Brooklyn Rust Sparkly String Bikini Top ($49).

Shop the matching High Cut Cheeky Bikini Bottom ($30).

Shop the matching Gold California Lurex Sporty Bikini Bottom ($25).

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