I Swear Everyone on Social Media Is Obsessed With These 14 Amazon Finds

Since it’s a new year, I feel as if I should start off with full transparency: I spent my holiday break scrolling through social media. There wasn’t much I could do while I was home—restaurants were closed; family visits were out of the question; oh, and it was freezing outside—so my phone and I really became close.

By the end of the two-week break, not only did I have a few dances to trending videos memorized (I’m not proud of this), but I also got completely up-to-date with all the fashion everyone was scoring on Amazon. I scrolled through haul after haul, continuously saving tops, jewelry, hats, and more that I wanted to order for myself. Keep scrolling to see the ones that took over my feed, plus a few more that I’m predicting will pop up soon.