I’m Ditching My Sweatsuits For These Equally Comfortable Matching Sets

A few months ago, during one of the many weekly runs I make to Target, I spotted and bought a knit vest and pant matching set on a whim. It was from none other than Who What Wear, and although we have the privilege as editors of test-driving a lot of styles before they hit stores, this two-piece set escaped me. Quickly it became my go-to outfit for everything from video calls to short walks to my local coffee shop, or whenever I needed to run out of the house and didn’t want to look like I rolled out of bed. Like most people, I’ve pretty much reached my limit wearing sweatsuits (they’ve been my uniform for the better part of a year), so I’m more than happy to embrace an equally comfortable and low-key alternative.  What I love about a matching set is that it takes me around five minutes (or less) to arrive at a complete look: just throw it on, and add a pair of heeled mules and gold jewelry, and you have an outfit that looks intentional with minimal effort. Now that I’ve discovered the joy of matching sets, I’m giving my dull sweatsuits a rest for the ease of an elevated two-piece. Below, I’ve gathered several stylish matching skirt and pant sets if you too have reached sweatpants fatigue. A bonus: many of them are under $200, and are prime for the glorious spring weather.

Shop the matching High-rise Lounge Pants ($32). The set that has taken the place of my sweatsuits.

Shop the matching Split Front Leggings ($168). Take a cue from Revolve’s styling and dress it up with mules and shiny metal pieces.

Shop the matching Charli Pants ($168).  The addition of the lace-up detail makes this one feel special. 

Shop the matching Genny Skirt ($88).  Skirt sets like this look so elegant, with little sartorial effort. I call that a win-win.

Shop the matching Fine Cotton Sweater Skirt ($119). White in the spring feels so fresh and uplifting.

Shop the matching Variegated Rib Pant ($168). The body-hugging silhouette looks amazing on virtually anyone.

Shop the matching Ribbed Skirt ($18). I can’t believe this entire set is less than $35. You’d be wise to buy this in multiples.

Shop the matching Straight Knitted Pants ($60). Polo tops are trending big this season, so of course, a two-piece version is in order.

Shop the matching Cashmere-blend Joggers ($60). H&M’s cashmere blend collection is one to buy–it’s exceptionally soft but much more affordable than similar cashmere pieces.

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