People Think My 53-Year-Old Mom Is 20 Years Younger, Here’s Her Product Wishlist

A few years ago it seemed like my skin decided to go absolutely haywire all at once. My acne started flaring up almost daily, and my oily skin went into overdrive. Before I had the luxury of tapping into my colleagues of the beauty editor world, my first and primary expert was always my mom. Even now, she’s still my soundboard for when I want the scoop on a new skincare product, and don’t want to bother deep-diving into online reviews. Quite simply, she’s extremely into caring for her skin and making sure it’s in tip-top shape. As a result of her well-curated routine, it’s not uncommon for people to mistake her for someone decades younger.

I have already shared her meticulous face-plumping and glow-inducing regimen here at Who What Wear before, and the response was immense. After receiving so many comments requesting a follow-up, I asked my mother to share the products she’s eyeing right now. Shopping for new beauty products is one of my mom’s favorite pastimes, but she definitely doesn’t just decide to try something without a good bit of research. She scans beauty forums, combs through ingredients lists, and reads several reviews before my mom makes up her mind if a product is worth trying out or not. In other words, it has to be promising in order to make her wishlist. Below, I’m outlining the beauty products my mom is anxious to try out next. While most skin types can benefit from reading this, If reducing fine lines, increasing elasticity and moisture are of particular concern you’ll definitely want to keep your eyes alert. Keep scrolling to see the full list.

“Who wouldn’t want to try something so exotic-sounding like cactus water? The name alone instantly piqued my interest. After some research, I later learned that cactus water is somewhat of a buzzy ingredient in skincare right now, so I’m curious to know what all the hype is about. Apparently, cactus water is loaded with antioxidants that can also help the skin absorb moisture and keep it hydrated.”

“AHA or alpha hydroxy acid is already a big part of my current face routine, so I thought why not see how it works for the rest of my body? The other products in  Glow Recipe’s Watermelon Glow line smell immaculate, and I definitely would not mind my body smelling the same. I’m curious to see if this can even out my skin tone in some of the areas prone to hyperpigmentation like the elbows and knees.”

“I told you I’m serious about improving my skin’s elasticity! There’s something so soothing about massaging the face after a long day, and I will attest that I’ve noticed a decrease in puffiness since doing one nightly. I usually use my hands,  but I’m eager to take my face time to the next level with a a full-fledged facial roller. First of all, the shape! I have a feeling you can get really deep to contour the face with this tool. Since it’s metal, I can throw this in the fridge before use for an intense cooling effect.”

“Adding a little cleanser to the mix is Summer Friday’s protein-rich face wash. The formula is loaded with amino acids—11 to be exact—that reportedly specifically improves elasticity. Another detail I noticed is that it’s pH balanced— a huge factor for me since maintaining an acid environment for my face is key to acne-prevention.”

“Another product I’ve heard so much about from my daughter. It’s almost that time of year when it gets excruciatingly hot in the South, and for good measure, I like to have a face mist around. If it can set my makeup and get my skin feeling nourished.”

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