The 7 Best Shoe Styles to Wear With Black Dresses

The reason black dresses are such a prevailing fashion trend is their versatility. That’s the beauty, right? You have last-minute plans or nothing else seems to be working or you don’t feel like buying another of-the-moment dress only to be tired of it next season, and—voilà—there’s that noir number in your closet that never seems to let you down. In case you need a refresher on how to style this timeless item, we found eight key shoe style choices that look especially inspired right now.

It doesn’t necessarily matter what your dress looks like, as the outfits ahead show us how unexpected, bold, and sometimes classic shoe choices each elevate your look. And since each of these eight black dresses shoes feel so different, expect them to transform your look even if you’re wearing the same black dress for the 40th time. Peruse your options below.

A delicate dress and a pair of shoes you can mosh in? Sounds like a perfect match to us.

Classic, simple, and elegant. You know the drill: These shoes are winners.

Dramatic black dresses look modern and fresh with a starkly contrasted shoe.

Whether your black dress is a midi or maxi, a tall boot will always be a good idea. We have to admit though, they pair especially well with an LBD.

Black dresses—especially when worn multiple times—can start to feel a bit expected. Choose a shoe style that can transform even your most worn pieces, like a chunky loafer.

A sleek shoe like a pointed mule will keep things simple, but sophisticated.

Spice your favorite basic with a pop of print. It’ll bring a little bit of a fun touch to the basic black dress you wear often.

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