The Reviews Say It All: 20 Products That Firm and Tighten Like Whoa

Simply put, it’s our job to find the best beauty products out there for you. From the newest serum to the hottest lipstick color to the dry shampoo that will change your life, we will find it, test it, and let you know what we think. We’re not complaining. It’s a pretty fun gig, and we’ll volunteer to be beauty guinea pigs any day.

But one of the cool things to come out of this is finding out what products you’re loving and buying. It helps us figure out what you want to learn more about and what you’re into so we can bring even more personalized recs to you.

Because we share a lot of our favorites with you every single day, we recognize it might be hard to keep up. So we’ve decided to put together a handy weekly list of what we love and what you love—consider this a CliffsNotes, one-stop shop of what’s really trending and worth adding to your cart at this very moment.

This week, we’re looking at all the products that can firm and tighten the skin, from head to toe. Do you have a product that we missed? We’d love to know. Send us a DM.

Infused with collagen, peptides, and niacinamide, this cream is designed to sculpt and smooth the skin. It can be used morning and night. What a reviewer says: “This is an amazing facial cream. I’m already noticing major differences in the wrinkles on my forehead and around my eyes and actually my smile lines, too, after using it for about three weeks. The cream is not sticky or tacky… and it does not cause breakouts on my very sensitive skin.”

This hardworking overnight mask deeply moisturizes the skin, improves elasticity, and rebalances. It’s also described as having a “corset-like effect on your skin, giving the appearance of a more defined, contoured complexion.” What a reviewer says: “I noticed a difference the first night. I have very sensitive skin and had no irritation. It’s like a facelift overnight. Will buy again.”

Our readers and editors both love this drugstore firming body lotion. The cocoa butter in the formula moisturizes, while the raw shea butter delivers essential fatty acids and nutrients, and vitamin E improves the appearance of scars and stretch marks. What a reviewer says: “I now have a favorite lotion; it leaves my skin unbelievably soft. Doesn’t feel oily and I noticed immediately that it was firming my skin.”

This firming and lifting serum supports the skin’s moisture barrier while also plumping and boosting radiance. It targets redness and uneven skin tone, too. What a reviewer says: “I added this to my skincare regimen after reading about how good using a growth factor serum can be. It didn’t disappoint! I use it after a chemical exfoliator and follow it with vitamin C, then sometimes retinol and moisturizer at night. My skin looks better than it has in years—I’m almost 40 and people think I’m the same age as my 24-year-old boyfriend. Completely worth the money.”

Sometimes products with retinol can be irritating on sensitive skin, but not this one. That’s because it contains bakuchiol, a natural and gentle alternative to retinol. Not only does it improve firmness, but it also reduces the appearance of wrinkles and brightens the skin. What a reviewer says: “I absolutely love this serum and have been using it for over a year. This was just a purchase because I ran out of it! I love the way it feels on my face. I feel like it has helped tighten my skin up.”

This daily moisturizer is formulated with Tetrol-E, which is a powerful anti-wrinkle ingredient that works to tighten the skin and improve elasticity and texture. It has the added bonus of SPF protection, too. What a reviewer says: “I have been using this for 3 weeks and I’m amazed at how well it works! I use all over my face and neck, including under my eyes and on my eyelids! I’ve noticed firming and fine lines disappearing!”

The power of seaweed is used in this formula to hydrate, nourish, soften, and firm the skin. It also works to reduce the appearance of sagging skin and stretch marks. Plus, it has the most delicious scent with notes of lime, grapefruit, and cypress. What a reviewer says: “This oil is incredible! Makes [my] skin so soft and amazing-looking. I’ll never be without it now that I found it! Worth every penny!”

Enriched with CoQ10 and vitamin C, this body lotion has tons of antioxidant power to protect and firm the skin. Tests have shown that users may see results in as little as two weeks. What a reviewer says: “I usually don’t trust in any product that claims to improve skin over time, but [I] really feel like my skin is healthier and firmer after only two weeks of use. Great for after-sun use.”

If you’re dealing with crow’s-feet, fine lines, deep wrinkles, and puffiness, this product targets them all. It contains temporary skin tighteners to really firm the skin, plus a trio of peptides. What a reviewer says: “I’ve been using Peter Thomas Roth Instant FIRMx Eye for at least two years. It truly is a miracle. People just cannot believe I am 72 years old when I am wearing it, which is practically all the time. And, why would I go around with baggy eyes when I have a choice in the matter? The tube lasts almost a year (I just started on my third tube). All you do is squeeze out a pearl-seed amount of the product and apply it in a thin layer on clean, dry skin. Then wait a few minutes for it to dry. You can literally watch your eye bags disappear as it dries.”

The shiitake-mushroom complex and wheat protein in this formula both work to improve the skin texture. The lotion itself isn’t greasy and absorbs quickly. What a reviewer says: “I love this stuff. It’s not too watery. It smells clean. Although I’m fully aware there is no miracle cream that firms our skin, I feel like this has helped the appearance of my less-than-firm skin after weight loss.”

Formulated with resveratrol, hyaluronic acid, and a vegan collagen alternative, this gel cream both firms and de-puffs the eye area. Your eyes will look and feel smoother, firmer, and more hydrated. What a reviewer says: “I was never really good with eye creams. I’d always forget to use them and didn’t think it made a big difference. Since I started using the firming eye cream in the morning and at night, I noticed my eyes are not puffy when I wake up and the fine lines are smoother.”

Eminence’s firming fluid contains antioxidants, proteins, vitamins, and minerals which work to strengthen the skin and instantly lift and firm it. Ingredients include bamboo, coconut oil, water, and monoi. What a reviewer says: “I use the Bamboo Firming Fluid like I would moisturizer, the last product on my face after serums and creams. It makes my face glow and tightens my skin!”

Sunday Riley’s essence is described as a “peptide-infused power drink for your skin,” so you know it’s going to be refreshing. It’s formulated to visibly firm the skin, resurface it, and balance itsnatural microbiome. What a reviewer says: “Wow. Another hit from Sunday Riley. This essence gives immediate results. Skin feels smooth, firm and soft. Love this treatment. Do allow it to soak in before applying other products. I use it in the morning and at night.”

For a pick-me-up, apply these eye gels onto your under-eye area. They’ll work to firm, de-puff, and smooth any fine lines and wrinkles. Ingredients include elastin, gingko biloba, and CoQ10. What a reviewer says: “I wanted some eye gels to help smooth out and plump my under-eye area during the winter months. These patches are a wonderful option. They are easy to apply, stay on nicely, and simple to remove. My eyes feel fresh and hydrated afterward.”

You can also use a facial massager to firm the skin. This one from Foreo can be used both for cleansing and massaging. One mode—which comes with 16 intensities—is for cleansing the skin, and the other firming massage mode is for toning and sculpting. What a reviewer says: “This is the first facial cleansing tool I’ve used and it did not disappoint. It is very gentle on the skin and it makes my face feel so smooth afterwards. I love all the features, especially the massage feature for my serums after cleansing. I would definitely recommend it.”

Youth to the People’s lightweight gel serum contains 4D hyaluronic acid to hydrate, a triple bio-peptide blend to support collagen production (which helps with tone and texture), and cactus and rambutan peel to lock in hydration. What a reviewer says: “This serum breathed life back into my skin! It’s super light weight but spreads so well. You only need a pump or two for your entire face and neck so a little goes a long way. It left my skin feeling hydrated, firm, and bouncy.”

Costa Brazil’s firming body oil is formulated with the brand’s Jungle Complex, which contains rara Amazonian ingredients that are good for the skin and help firm it. It also smells really good with notes of resin, florals, cypress, and vetiver. What a reviewer says: “Love it! It’s a thick oil that is best applied right after you bathe. A little goes a long way. I love the earthy, herbal, nutty, lemony, basil-like scent. Leaves a warm glow on skin. Purely sensual!”

Kayo’s firming serum leaves your skin toned and smooth thanks to ingredients like caffeine (to stimulate circulation), a botanical firming complex, hyaluronic acid, and an omega-oil blend. Layer it under rich moisturizers for a truly luxurious treatment. What a reviewer says: “I live by this—[I’m on] my third bottle. Helps tighten my skin when I apply after a workout and shower.”

Even though this eye cream contains retinol, you don’t have to worry about it irritating that sensitive area around your eyes. It contains both retinols and bioretinols, the latter of which are natural ingredients that do the same thing as retinol but gentler. It also has a gold applicator tip that feels cool and refreshing when applying the product. What a reviewer says: “I have really enjoyed this eye cream! I have been using it for over a month now and can see results. I have a small age spot that showed up around the corner of my eye and it has faded significantly. I also am starting to get some shadowing on the outer parts of my eyelids from getting older, skin starting to sag (I’m 38)—it has been the only eye cream so far to lighten and lift that.”

Shiseido’s ultra-rich cream is formulated with a special complex that is designed to strengthen the skin and visibly lift it. It also corrects and prevents the signs of aging. You can use it morning and night. What a reviewer says: “Rich, creamy, and moisturizing, it lifts up your skin right away and the result is firm, glowing healthy skin within a few days. Light scent feels nice. Use it in the morning or at night to let the rich cream work its magic while you sleep! Recommend it!” Next, This Cult-Loved Mask Is Like an Instant Face-Lift—Celebrities Go Nuts for It