These 26 Fleece-Lined Leggings Are Game-Changing

Winter’s here, and it’s not going away any time soon (sorry to be the bearer of bad news). With temperatures hitting all-time lows, it’s more important than ever to invest in wardrobe staples that are extra warm, über-comfortable, and lend themselves well to a handful of outfits. One such piece? Fleece-lined leggings: a game-changing item you’ll never want to take off (and luckily, you won’t have to).

Whether you’re going for a run outside, want to cuddle up on the couch with a cup of tea, or are willing to brave the cold to do some vintage shopping, fleece-lined leggings will always be a safe (not to mention warm) go-to. Why? Because unlike thinner workout pants that still allow the chilly wind to sting your legs, these are designed with a plush, cozy fleece interior that keeps your legs warm (even in below-zero temperatures).

I love this burgundy color for fall. 

Old Navy always has the best prices. 

I love a good sweatpant/legging hybrid. 

As sleek as normal leggings, but much warmer. 

Leather pants are still trending. 

For all the expectant mamas out there. 

Jeggings, anyone? 

These cozy fleece leggings might convince me to workout outside during the winter. 

I love the sporty stripes on this pair. 

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This story was originally published at an earlier date and has been updated.