This Outfit Combo Is Like A Starter Pack For Fashion It-Girls

I’m always on the hunt for a good outfit recipe. There’s definitely fun in unleashing your inner stylist and cooking up experimental looks, but sometimes it’s easier and less stressful to just stick with what works.  When time is of the essence, having a reliable combination on hand to reference is also a huge time saver. As usual, I found my latest source of outfit inspiration while in a mindless scrolling binge on Instagram. From Scandi to New York fashion-girls, I noticed that combining dresses and boots were the uniform of choice. I love that it’s unfussy, quick to throw together, and looks so effortlessly cool: all it takes is a great dress and equally great boots. In the interest of sharing, I’ve put together some of my favorite takes on this two-piece outfit recipe. Whether you pair your dress with Moon Boots a la Danish stylist Trine Kjær, or clash an animal printed dress with snakeskin boots like Nicolette Mason; the sky’s the limit. Keep scrolling to see them all.

Use patchwork boots to liven up your dresses; bonus boots if you can find a purse to match. 

Sequin can be dressed down too! Black boots give this look a more modern edge, but remember to stick with loose dress silhouettes.

Brown boots with black outfits used to be a fashion taboo, but if 2020 taught us anything, it’s that there are no style rules.

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Truly an unexpected combo, but sticking to coordinating colors makes this outfit feel fresh and cool.

Thigh-high slits really showcase a gorgeous pair of boots.

Pro-tip: button up your sculptural coat to style it as a dress. Combat boots finish this off for a high fashion look.

Since the puff sleeve trend isn’t dying down anytime soon, investing in a great one to wear with all of your boots is a wise choice.

There really is no sweeter match than pink boots and ruffled floral dresses.

If you’re feeling really bold, pair an animal print dress with croc embossed over the knee boots.