Tina Fey’s Stylist Shares the Secret to Award Show Fashion in 2021

It’s time to take off those sweatpants because award season is finally here! Thanks to COVID-19, it has been over a year since the magic and frenzy of award season swept Hollywood, leaving a huge fashion void in the lives of stars, fans, and stylists alike.

Tonight, co-hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler usher in a new era of socially distanced celebration with the 78th Golden Globes, airing at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. This dynamic duo hosted the Globes in 2013, so there’s no doubt viewers are in for a “laugh out loud” funny evening. Of course, in 2021, there is no such thing as business as usual. In addition to all of the COVID-19 safety precautions inside the venue, this award season will be extremely unusual on the red carpet. Whether attendees are joining remotely via Zoom or wearing masks that match their gowns, the way celebrities dress up for these events has certainly evolved. 

With that in mind, we connected with Fey’s longtime stylist Cristina Ehrlich to discuss the challenges of styling during the pandemic, future red carpet trends, and easy ways to upgrade any outfit with the right accessories. 

How long have you been a professional stylist? Do you remember your first red carpet event?

Years are just a number… My red carpet debut was with Halle Berry when she won the Quincy Jones Award. She wore a purple velvet suit by Emporio Armani.

How long have you been working with Tina Fey? How would you describe her style? Are there any brands or silhouettes you and she favor for award season? 

I’ve been working with Tina Fey for almost 11 years. I would describe her style as quirky, smart, eclectic, and cool. This season, I’m favoring accessories that offer glam and comfort. I love Silhouette’s SPX Illusion collection because they’re so lightweight and easy to wear with everything. 

What are some unique challenges of this award season with everything being remote? What are some unexpected bonuses?

In a virtual world, we have to look at each person’s outfit from a totally new point of view, which is especially interesting when you’re dressing a host since you are approaching styling from a performing standpoint. You have to consider how many looks will be needed, what the co-host will be wearing, the backdrop, color scheme, etc. Then, we always have to think about the shoes, which in this case… we probably won’t see.

How is styling for an award show host different than styling for a guest?

Being that red carpets look different these days, I think we will see a lot of personal style and individuality. People can express themselves exactly how they want to. We will see gowns, pajama sets, kilts, etc. It is all on the table!

What are a few major trends you’re excited to see on the red carpet this season?

This past year was a reminder that staying true to yourself is more important than ever, and I am looking forward to continuing to see that story told through fashion. I am excited to see new takes on individuality, whether it be from an up-and-coming designer like Sergio Hudson that is changing the game when it comes to color or a brand like Silhouette that is pushing the boundaries of classic eyewear.

How would you pick a neutral frame that goes with multiple outfits?

Eyewear that goes with everything can be hard to find, but I love how we are starting to see eyewear brands that are really allowing you to embrace your personal style. I love that Silhouette frames are truly customizable, and a majority of its frames come in neutral colors. If you like to wear black, you can pick a gold or silver frame to complement the look. If you are someone who likes a bit of color, the brand has its Blend collection, which you can wear as a statement piece, or pair them with matching earrings to give the monochrome vibe.

Can you share your styling tips on pairing jewelry with glasses and accessorizing in general?

If you are going for a more classic pair of shades, I recommend bringing in a statement earring or necklace. If you are looking to keep the full look simple, it can be just as chic to throw on a beautiful pair of diamond studs or Huggies.

Accessories really give people a chance to go against the norms and wear things that might not be as conventional, so I encourage people to use accessorizing as a chance to go outside of their comfort zones and test their own fashion limits.

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